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Pamela Neuberth makes her author debut in this gripping and deeply personal outlook on her journey through life.

This book begins with an encounter she had with a terminally ill patient. After his encouraging plea that Pamela “write a book”, she decided to share the stories of both tragedies lived through and moments treasured. This book is a non-fictional account which describes her near-death experience. It includes her recollections of Heaven, and the family members encountered there. The book is filled with narratives of amazing, and even miraculous experiences that have taken place throughout her life. Also scattered throughout the book are exhortations, as well as hopeful, encouraging, and inspirational messages. Life After...The Day I Died is a raw and emotional selection that you will find difficult to put down.

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"An intriguing, spiritually insightful, and very honest read on the author's life thus far. After reading Pam's book, I felt compelled to also think of the various patterns and experiences I have encountered in my own life and how they have shaped me into the person I am now. It also prompts the reader to not take for granted the many miracles, small or large, that life seems to grant us, especially in our darkest moments."  -Maria P.


Pamela Neuberth also enjoys writing and performing music. Currently she is focused on contemporary Christian and country styles, but she continually seeks to expand her horizons. She has sung in a variety of venues including weddings, church services, and other special events. As she enthusiastically works on her next album project, you can sample her music below or find her on ReverbNation where you can subscribe as a fan!



Pamela Neuberth was born Pamela E. Brown in 1964 to Robert and Joan Brown. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and married the late Robert M. Neuberth Sr. in 1983. Together, they had four children: Bobby Jr., Heather, Jamie, and John-Michael. She is a registered nurse and lives in Carroll County, Maryland. Amidst her college days, while completing prerequisites for nursing, she was approached by a past English professor. When asked her plans after graduation, she informed the professor she would be pursuing nursing. The professor replied, "You need to be a writer, you have the talent." Years later she is now chasing that dream with the release of her first book "Life After... The Day I Died".

This book is dedicated to the memory of

Heather Marie Neuberth

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